Welland Park

This walkthrough looks at what might be the most beloved area to locals of Market Harborough: Welland Park.

Taking its name from the River Welland that passes through the town, the park has its own tennis courts, playground and even a skateboard park! Over the past few years, the river has seen wildlife, including otters and kingfishers, return. Whether you visit it alone, with a friend or with your family, the charm of the park will certainly reach you.

Ridgeway Fields

This walkthrough explores the fields between Ridgeway road and the small village of Great Bowden

The village is home to a large, 13th century church, beautiful cottages and a historic forge that closed just before WWII.

The clusters of homes, with examples of 17th century farmer's houses and 19th century architecture are a prominent feature of Great Bowden, a wonderful illustration of its history and of its passing through time.

Town Centre

This walkthrough touches briefly on the Old Grammar School, built in 1614 by Robert Smyth.

The town centre holds many historic buildings including the Symington Building, an old Victorian corset factory now home to the District Council's offices and the Library and Museum. From the 800 year old indoor market to a zero-waste EcoVillage,the town is sure to inspire you of its culture, heritage and growth.

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About this project

This website has been made to support Culture Leicestershire in their 'We Are Harborough' exhibition - a project showcasing what makes Harborough special to those that live in it.

Each location featured on this application is a reflection of what exhibition visitors suggested their favourite area in Harborough is. Though the walkthroughs show only a portion of each location, they do attempt to capture what makes each particularly treasured.

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