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Took my breath away

“Seeing the Funfair on my way home from work for the first time in November 2010 took my breath away. Rides were just inches away from roofs and shops, right in the middle of town! I had never seen anything like it as I had just moved to Loughborough that summer. My heart beat faster in time with the music and flashing lights and I felt excited and could almost taste the candy floss just from it’s sweet smell in the air. The atmosphere was great in the dusk, and excitement and adrenaline flowed in time with the loud music. My breath was swept away again at some of the amazing rides. The smell of frying onions wafted my way and suddenly I was hungry for a hotdog with those onions and mustard.

It took me back to my childhood (in the North in the 1960’s and ’70’s) when you couldn’t contain yourself at such a special event and as a child in those days there was also the fear of getting lost so a close eye was kept on parents and siblings because the fair was always in the middle of a field and very muddy and this was before the time of mobile phones!

I have lived and worked in Manchester, London, Yorkshire and West Midlands, but had never seen anything like this in the centre of a town. I was entranced, hypnotised by the lights. It brought a big beaming smile onto my face.

Oh how I missed the Fair during Lockdown due to Covid-19 in November 2020!

For me this is part of the excitement of living in Loughborough, alongside the historic market and annual Picnic in the Park and the Lboro Mela, all so accessible right in the middle of town.”

  • Abida, Loughborough resident