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The gold fell off my goldfish!

“We met at what was then Loughborough’s Essoldo Cinema, in April 1962 and spent a lot of time at the local village fairs during the spring and summer of that year.

However, Loughborough Fair was what we were really waiting for, and my wife Marj, knitted two chunky jumpers to keep us warm during our visits to the fair that year.

As we had met at a Rock ‘n Roll Dance, our favourite ride was the Rock ‘n Roll Waltzers, which were faster than the other Waltzers. Other rides we enjoyed were the Whip, The Whirlaround or Cyclone, The Paratroopers, and more gently, the Golden Galloping Horses and the Cakewalk.

I never dreamed then, that many years later in 2004, I would be opening the Fair, as Mayor of Charnwood with Marj at my side as Mayoress. We still enjoyed the rides then and still do today.

…One of the things I did not mention is that one year as a child I won a goldfish, except that when I got it home, the “gold” fell off to reveal a rather sad looking minnow. Another occasion was when, as a teenager, I aimed a wooden ball with all my strength at two coconuts which were close together, the ball hit one and bounced onto the other, knocking both to the ground. The astonished stall holder was, however, quick to recover his wits and ran up to me shouting “That only counts one, you know.”

  • Mike Jones, Mayor of Charnwood