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I brought home a surprise from the market!

“Many years again when I was a fresh faced student in my first term at what was Loughborough School of Art & Design, I decided to buy a crab from the fish stall in the market to draw as part of a still life artwork I was creating.

Having walked back to my shared house, I unwrapped the crab and left it on the counter in the kitchen. When I came back some time later, I was shocked to see it moving – evidently it had warmed up and was still alive !

My house mates wanted to buy it an aquarium and keep it as our house ‘pet’, they even named it Colin, but I wasn’t so keen – I mean, what do you feed a seawater crab and how long do they live for ?!

After much discussion, I carefully wrapped it back up and, despite my housemates objections, took it back to the very understanding, but slightly amused, stallholder who promised to “Look after it” – though I never did work out what exactly he meant by this !

Needless to say I changed the theme of my artwork and have never eaten crab since !”

-Alison, Leicestershire County Council