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Boon’s, The Hosiery Specialist

“In the late 40’s, Rogers parents were demobilised from the RAF and decided to get married. At this time they were living in Shelthorpe and his father Norman decided to start a mobile library. They would need an outlet for excess books and the decision was made to have a stall in Loughborough Market to facilitate this. This progressed to children’s books and toys, but trade did eventually slow down.  They decided that they would sell products that people needed, and decided to change to hosiery and knitting wools. eventually a large shop opened in Biggin Street whilst still retaining the Market Stall. In 1980, Rogers parents decided to hand over the reins to him, and his Mother proudly says he has worked so hard to keep the continuity of the business alive. She says that Loughborough is very lucky to have such a lovely thriving market. Roger says he enjoys the business and social interaction with the general public.”