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Gravity defying!

“It is the mid 80s and I am at the fair with friends including Andrew. We see The Meteor(ite) ahead – the gravity-defying spinning, tilting cage where you find yourself repeatedly suspended whilst gazing down to earth (by some interesting centripedal/centrifugal physics).

Here it is in 1958!

“Got to have a go at that” we say. As our turn comes round we file in through the entrance slot and walk quickly around the periphery to find a space. I am in position and look across to see that Andrew is the last person in and, having removed his glasses to keep them safe, he is scrambling around trying to find the last vacant place. The cage is spinning and eventually he finds it and tries to fix the farcical safety chain across his waist. By this time I am wetting myself with laughter enhanced by the priceless expression of horror on his face. The ride is brilliant and that distraction plus the delirious screaming probably saved me from any sickness or worse.”

  • Simon, Quorn