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Fair Processing Notice

This notice is to tell you about why we need your information and how we will handle it. This notice is for

Participation Team Activity – Leicestershire County Council

What information do we need from you?

Our activities vary in their requirements for data collection.

If you are involved in continued project activity and engaged for more than one session we will ask the following about you:

  • A name and contact details (address, email, phone number if possible)
  • Core monitoring information including a postcode, age group, ethnicity, gender identity and any disabilities you have.

If we specifically need more or less detail than this, we will inform you.

We may also collect anonymised data via wellbeing surveys and evaluation feedback.

Why do we need this?

We need this information to:

  • Enable us to contact you in relation to your participation in the activity
  • Help us evaluate our project’s impact
  • Help us plan and improve
  • Help us to demonstrate that we are reaching our strategic aims and outcomes

With your consent, we can contact you to provide you with additional information such as newsletters, training opportunities and event invites. You will have the opportunity to opt out of receiving information relating to these.

Why are we allowed to process your information?

Data protection law allows us to process your information within certain conditions. In this case we are using your consent as the lawful condition for us to do this.

We also need an appropriate lawful reason to for processing sensitive data. In this case we are processing your sensitive personal data because you have given your consent.

Who will we share this with?

Sometimes we need to share your information with others. We will only do this when it is necessary in order to offer you this service, or if we are required to do so by law.

Your data will only be accessed by staff working on the project. This may include external funders, partnership organisations, independent assessors etc.

Analysis from anonymised data collection and surveys will be used for reporting and shared internally and externally. Separate consent will be requested from you if we would like to use information which would personally identify you through quotes or case studies.

How will we keep it secure?

We will take all reasonable steps to prevent the loss, misuse or alteration of your personal information. Only the people who need to see your personal information will be allowed access to it. We will not send your information outside of the UK.

How long will we keep it for?

We will only keep this information for as long as necessary or as the law requires. For this service that would normally be 4 years from when your involvement has ended.

What if something changes?

If the information you provided changes or your circumstances change, please contact the Programme Co-ordinator – If we need to change something like who we want to share this information with, we will contact you to let you know.