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Simply Sounds

  Simply Sounds – an archive for everyone Happy, sad, excited, motivated, spiritual, uplifted. Sounds make us feel all of these and more… Using sound is a powerful way to...

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A social media project to collate and curate videos representing how people are spending their time during the coronavirus pandemic. We are living through a significant global historical event and our aim is to share and preserve the positivity and real sense of community that has been undeniable in recent weeks.

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Leicestershire County Council Collections Team Volunteers!

Leicestershire County Council’s Museum Collections reflect the natural life of the County as well as the histories, interests and aspirations of the people who have made it their home. The Collections team works with various groups of volunteers who enable us to make our collections more accessible.

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Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Creating Volunteering Opportunities in a Covid World

I am a Volunteering Co-ordinator for the Participation team, and my role is to create cultural volunteering opportunities in order to promote community engagement. The traditional model for volunteering has...Read more about 'Creating Volunteering Opportunities in a Covid World'

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