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Cultural Youth Forum

We are Leicestershire County Council’s Cultural Youth Forum, and our mission is to help make heritage, libraries and cultural activities more relevant, accessible and impactful to other young people!

Natural & Cultural Heritage

This year, the Cultural Youth Forum supported young people in projects across the county to explore natural and cultural heritage linked to the environment, sustainability and climate change. These projects will help inform future plans for Net Zero Leicestershire. All our activity promotes youth participation and voices in line with Leicestershire County Council’s ambition for a countywide Youth Charter.

Watch our film to find out what we did!

Satellite Projects

Charnwood Museum

Charnwood Young People have developed a host of vibrant, multi-faceted characters, each embodying key environmental issues that are important to them.

Find out more about 'Charnwood Museum'

Environmental Survey

Young people from our satellite groups co-wrote a survey to go out to their peers on the topic of environmentalism. Following a session from Leicestershire County Council’s Environment Team they...

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Harborough Museum & Library

Young People in Harborough hope their Net Zero Zine starts a climate change conversation with other young people in the Harborough District.

Find out more about 'Harborough Museum & Library'

Melton Carnegie Museum

Melton's young people have created artwork and banners out of recycled materials that highlight issues they are passionate about.

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A snapshot of life during the Pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone, and it’s part of our lives now and it will become a part of our history. We were interested to find out what life has really been like for young people across Leicestershire during the pandemic and lockdowns.

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