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Environmental Survey

We’re committed to addressing climate change through becoming a net zero council by 2035 and working with L’shire people to become a net zero county by 2050 or before. This work will support young people from our county to help understand, shape and drive this ambition through taking action to cut carbon emissions, reduce their consumption of resources and protect nature. It’s clear those involved are passionate about single use plastic, reducing fast fashion and reducing energy consumption and they have shared some creative ideas (increasing the vegetarian options in schools, reducing time in the shower and fully turning off devices rather than leaving them on standby). Their activities across our Museums and Libraries has been seen by 1000’s of visitors which can only help raise awareness in ways that work for other young people.

‐ Jenny Allen - Carbon Reduction Team Manager – Leicestershire County Councill

Young people from our satellite groups co-wrote a survey to go out to their peers on the topic of environmentalism. Following a session from Leicestershire County Council’s Environment Team they were equipped with knowledge about how and why we need to tackle our individual carbon footprint. This spurred them on to brainstorm questions to ask other young people which not only will be useful data but will also encourage the reader to question how they can do their bit to fight climate change.

The survey came to a close in April 2024 and the results are being reviewed and collated and will appear on this page soon!