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Virtual Exhibitions

This is a showcase of our amazing community led virtual exhibitions all in one place!  Enjoy your journey exploring the cultural stories and connections of the people of Leicestershire.

My Books My Story

This exhibition was co-curated by over 50 children in the care of Leicestershire County Council. It shares their artwork inspired by their favourite books. Their quotes highlight the impact of their journey and the power of reading for pleasure.

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Stitching Traditions

The Anand Mangal ladies co-curated this exhibition which explores their South Asian heritage and memories of migration to share their unique life experiences and tell their story their way.

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Black Lives Matter Too!

This project has been capturing the responses of local people to the challenges raised by Black Lives Matter campaigns with the aim of making real and positive change.

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Jola’s Polish Story

Jola shares her Polish heritage and culture demonstrating what it means to her and her family to be a part of our Leicestershire community. This exhibition was inspired by Community Curator workshops in Charnwood Museum.

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My Special Sooty Collection

Esme explores and shares the importance of her Sooty collection. “Dad got me to talk and say my first words using the Sooty puppet. I was late speaking because I was born with a cleft pallet and my Dad wouldn’t give me my favourite toy until I asked for it”.

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Do You See What I See?

This project scooped the prize at the British Museum as East Midlands Regional Winners of the Marsh Award for Volunteers in Museum Learning. Explore how over 100 people from diverse communities take a new look at history, heritage and culture.

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