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Unique projects see us at the hearts of Leicestershire communities. We assist groups to realise the goals for their cultural activities and connect them with the people who can help. So, whether it’s putting together a community exhibition, or supporting heritage volunteering, we are there both to help bring plans to life and to show where to go next.

Where you see our Community Curators logo, these projects are community inspired and led. Participants have embraced the opportunity to define their goals and decide how activities are designed, delivered, enjoyed and shared. There are many ways people have chosen to express this including exhibitions, film, heritage and trails hosted at museums, libraries, heritage centres, events and festivals.

Our projects aim to change the way culture is interpreted, experienced and enjoyed by our communities for our communities!

Have your voice heard. Take part in our Coalville Library Survey!

We want to make sure Coalville Library is as welcoming, accessible, and as appealing to local people as possible. To do this we need your help! Do you live in...

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Not visited Bosworth Battlefield in the last three years? Take part in our survey!

We are really proud of our local, award-winning heritage site and want to make sure that as many people as possible can use it in ways that work for them....

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Take part in our 1620s House & Garden community survey!

We are really proud of our local, award-winning heritage site and want to make sure that as many local people as possible can use it in ways that work for...

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My Books, My Story

Our exhibition at the Highcross Shopping Centre was a huge success. Visitors were blown away by the artwork produced, and were so inspired and moved by the wonderful quotes from the children and young people that accompanied the art.

Find out more about 'My Books, My Story'

Anand Mangal

Local ladies of South Asian heritage, mostly aged over 60, have been working in partnership with Loughborough University exploring South Asian memories of Partition and their relevance to contemporary life.

Find out more about 'Anand Mangal'

Uganda 50

2022 marks 50 years since all the Asian people living in Uganda were forced to leave their homeland. A commemorative exhibition Leicester based arts organisation Navrang have been awarded National...

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A woman with Down's syndrome smiling at the camera and colouring in a illustration

Celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in Charnwood

The Local History Volunteer Group are celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee with an exhibition at Charnwood Museum. They’ve been putting their research skills to the test to find out more...

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Market Harborough Jubilee Workshops

To celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee we are excited to share the memories of individuals living in Market Harborough who are of the Queen's generation.

Find out more about 'Market Harborough Jubilee Workshops'

1485 Around the World

1485 was the year Leicestershire experienced the Battle of Bosworth, but what was happening around the world during that period?

Find out more about '1485 Around the World'

Black Lives Matter Too!

On the 25th May 2020, in the middle of a global pandemic, a white police officer in Minnesota, USA, knelt on George Floyd’s neck for 8 mins and 46 seconds...

Find out more about 'Black Lives Matter Too!'

HMP Gartree Exhibition

Leicestershire Library Service are pleased to showcase the fantastic activity that has been taking place by members of the HMP Gartree reading community in response to a project developed by the BBC.

Find out more about 'HMP Gartree Exhibition'

Syston Library Family Engagement

We are excited to be working on a project with Syston Library, exploring the ways in which the library engages with local families.

Find out more about 'Syston Library Family Engagement'

Community Curators Virtual Museum

Take a virtual tour of these amazing exhibitions developed by local people which include 'BLM Too!' and 'Do You See What I See'? The first of its kind!

Find out more about 'Community Curators Virtual Museum'

Simply Sounds

Our sound collection is now available to inspire reminiscence and improve wellbeing. Please take a listen and enjoy!

Find out more about 'Simply Sounds'

Unlocking Our Sound Heritage

This project aims to preserve and provide access to as much as possible of the nation's rare and unique sound recordings. It is a partnership led by the British Library, with funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Find out more about 'Unlocking Our Sound Heritage'


A social media project to collate and curate videos representing how people are spending their time during the coronavirus pandemic.

Find out more about '#CV19IsolatedbutInspired'


DoYouSeeWhatISee? is a project which comes from the hearts and souls of the people of Loughborough. It takes a new look at history, heritage and culture through the eyes of local people.

Find out more about 'DoYouSeeWhatISee?'

Project Digby

Project Digby was an exciting autism-friendly volunteering project, at the 1620s House and Garden, run in partnership with Autism East Midlands.  The project was created in response to an existing volunteer, who was struggling to find suitable heritage opportunities for her daughter.

Find out more about 'Project Digby'

Nurturing Reading for Pleasure in Children in Care

The team developed book and craft packages for all primary aged children in care during the first few months of the coronavirus pandemic.

Find out more about 'Nurturing Reading for Pleasure in Children in Care'

Bespoke Cultural Activity for Children in Care

Our teams within Communities and Wellbeing join together to involve and inspire primary school aged children and their siblings and carers to access and use our local heritage venues and the resources they offer.

Find out more about 'Bespoke Cultural Activity for Children in Care'

LCC Cultural Youth Forum

We are the LCC Cultural Youth Forum! Our mission is to help make Heritage, Libraries and Cultural activities more relevant and interesting to other young people!

Find out more about 'LCC Cultural Youth Forum'

Blooming Books

‘Blooming Books’, are centred around the importance of reading for pleasure, and sharing stories, when learning to read.

Find out more about 'Blooming Books'

Story Champions

Our valued Foster Carers are creating a bespoke training package that will aid in inspiring children and young people in care to read for pleasure. They will then share this with the wider fostering community.

Find out more about 'Story Champions'

Cultural Ambassadors

Our Cultural  Ambassadors - a successful partnership between learning and volunteering. Leicestershire County Council’s Adult Learning Service (LALS) supports local people with multiple and complex learning disabilities through Independent Living and Skills for Life courses.

Find out more about 'Cultural Ambassadors'

Market 800

2021 marks the 800th anniversary of Loughborough’s Market and Fair.

Find out more about 'Market 800'

The Secret History of Ladybird Books

In 2019 ‘The Secret History of Ladybird Books’ event took place at Charnwood Museum, in partnership with Loughborough University. The event was part of the national Being Human Festival 2019, the UK’s only national celebration of the humanities!

Find out more about 'The Secret History of Ladybird Books'

My Magical Market, My Fantastical Fair!

170 school Charnwood primary school children took part in a exhibition which features on Loughborough Library windows in celebration of 800 years of the Market and Fair.

Find out more about 'My Magical Market, My Fantastical Fair!'
Black and white photo collage of participants in the People's Gallery

People’s Gallery

Objects have a meaning far beyond their financial and material value. They become something different when we know the personal stories and emotions behind them. This gallery was inspired by...

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