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Market 800


This year is the 800th Anniversary of Loughborough’s Market and Fair.

Our Market, Our Fair

What are your memories and experiences?

We’d love to hear from everyone of all ages who have memories and experiences of the market and the fair – whether from many years back or much more recently. No memory is too small or insignificant, as we are hoping to include as much of the sights’ sounds and smells of the market and fair as we can.

Our Market, Our Fair is a project for local people to gather memories and share the untold connections to Loughborough’s very special fair and market. We want to capture as many memories as possible to share in the exhibition, as well as using them to create a community film, add to the East Midlands Oral History and Loughborough Library Local Studies archives and catalogues. They may also be kept in the archives at the Record Office for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Anyone who would like to get involved and share their unique connections to Loughborough Fair or Market can get in touch by emailing or call Sally on 0116 305 8762. We look forward to hearing from you!

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We are so pleased to have so many people contributing to the memory bank of the Fair and Market. So far we have memories from as long ago as 75 years and as far away as the USA!

Below is a sneak preview! More will be added as the project progresses so make sure you revisit!

Market 800 is a partnership project between Leicestershire County Council and Charnwood Borough Council, with Loughborough Local Studies Volunteers leading on the historical research to bring historical records and local memories together in an exhibition at Charnwood Museum and Loughborough Library.


Our Market, Our Fair, Our Stories!

I brought home a surprise from the market!

“Many years again when I was a fresh faced student in my first term at what was Loughborough School of Art & Design, I decided to buy a crab from...

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Gravity defying!

“It is the mid 80s and I am at the fair with friends including Andrew. We see The Meteor(ite) ahead – the gravity-defying spinning, tilting cage where you find yourself...

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Boon’s, The Hosiery Specialist

“In the late 40’s, Rogers parents were demobilised from the RAF and decided to get married. At this time they were living in Shelthorpe and his father Norman decided to...

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Took my breath away

“Seeing the Funfair on my way home from work for the first time in November 2010 took my breath away. Rides were just inches away from roofs and shops, right...

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The gold fell off my goldfish!

“We met at what was then Loughborough’s Essoldo Cinema, in April 1962 and spent a lot of time at the local village fairs during the spring and summer of that...

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Tired legs and the smell of celery

“Me and my three sisters all worked on Loughborough market.  My two older sisters worked for Mr Cohen selling fabric. Backing on to this stall was was a fruit and...

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