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We Are Harborough

A community led exhibition celebrating what makes the Harborough district special to the people who call it home.

Ukrainians and their host families, our Gypsy and Traveller communities, young people, adult learners, families, heritage volunteers and over 500 local community members share stories, memories and connections.

People from the Harborough district have shared their memories, experiences, meaningful objects and stories. From artwork, to precious belongings, to rap music, the exhibition explores the people of Harborough and what Harborough means to them.

In co-curating this exhibition we have run activities such as guided museum visits, creative workshops and reminiscence sharing days, you can find out more about these in the links below.

The exhibition is open in the Temporary Exhibition Gallery at Harborough Museum from Saturday 11th March to August 2023.


Explore our journey


Explore Harborough as you've never seen it before in our interactive walkthrough!

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Ukrainian Community

Culture Leicestershire partnered with UP (Ukrainian Participation) to work with the Ukrainian community. Through this partnership we have cocurated part of the We Are Harborough exhibition. Ukrainians have shared their experiences, as...

Find out more about 'Ukrainian Community'

Creative Community Art

As part of the We Are Harborough exhibition a community banner has been created; a collaboration between the Ukrainian community in Harborough and the rest of the community. Kate, an...

Find out more about 'Creative Community Art'

Go Learn! Adult Learners Art Group

The Adult Art Group that meets in Market Harborough each week created artwork representing what Harborough means to them. Through the ‘We Are Harborough’ project they have enjoyed exploring local...

Find out more about 'Go Learn! Adult Learners Art Group'

Gypsy & Traveller Community – Our Connections

Market Harborough celebrates Gypsy and Traveller Culture in our community This town has been home to Gypsies and Travellers for hundreds of years. These days Harborough has two large sites,...

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Memory Lane

Harborough Memories Hundreds of Harborians have shared their favourite memories as a part of this project. They range as far back as the 1920s and all the way up to...

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Sounds of Harborough – Families & Young People

Our Harborough Song As families who live in Harborough, we spent special times in the Symington Building exploring the museum, sharing stories in the library and creating a song and...

Find out more about 'Sounds of Harborough – Families & Young People'