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Cultural Project Kit

For use by volunteers and professionals working within Heritage, Art, Libraries and Learning

This Cultural Project Kit shares local experiences of designing and delivering unique cultural activities in Community Managed Libraries and Independent Museums for the benefit of local communities. It explores top tips, practical advice and case studies.  Our hope is that we can inspire each other to test new approaches, work with new people, open our doors more widely, push beyond what we already know and secures the future of cultural hubs within our communities.

As part of the Leicestershire County Council Cultural Communities Network (CCN) 2020-2022, 10 cultural community hubs took part in this grant funded programme achieving: 45 new volunteering opportunities, 50 new local partnerships with shared aims, 20 different models of unique community engagement, supporting over 1000 adults and 500 children to participate in new cultural activities. The model of delivery was dependent on the nature of the communities themselves, but one common thread ran throughout ….  We used culture as a catalyst to change lives.   Join us in exploring how.

Improving Wellbeing

“I cried the first time I came, just to be around people in a welcoming place made a big difference.” Participant, Braunstone Town Library

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Connecting Communities

“I’ve met new people and I feel part of something. I lost my job last year and was feeling down having come out of Covid, I felt quite insular but this helped me to make new friends." Participant, Sileby Good Companions Group

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Enhancing Volunteering

“I’ve had a difficult few years, I lost my job and had to move back home. Volunteering has really helped my self-worth. It’s put a smile on my face and given me the confidence to think I could do this as a job.”  Participant, Braunstone Town Community Library

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Creating with Communities

"Participant led creativity and culture is the glue that can heal – it can bring people together.” Volunteer Co-ordinator, Glen Hills Library

Find out more about 'Creating with Communities'

Supporting the Adult Social Care Sector

“It has helped me settle into the village, to get to know a place better and take in the world where you are. To relax if I'm feeling down.”  Participant, Brookfield Wellbeing Project

Find out more about 'Supporting the Adult Social Care Sector'

Working in Partnership

“Working with lots of different organisations has been a learning curve in how we join together in a way that’s right for the community and the project.” Community Services Manager, Braunstone Town Council

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