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My Jewellery, My Story

My Jewellery, My Story is an exciting project exploring local people’s connection to jewellery having been inspired by a beautiful Bronze Age necklace discovered in the small village of Cossington in Leicestershire.

The Culture Leicestershire team supports outreach within local communities and works with them to share their unique heritage and culture. The My Jewellery, My Story project is part of our audience development work at Charnwood Museum.

We’re seeking a dynamic creative practitioner to collaborate with diverse audiences in Charnwood and develop a new creative output that will enable longer-term engagement with local community groups beyond the life of the exhibition. The creative responses gathered from this project will form a temporary exhibition which will be displayed at Charnwood Museum later in the year.

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Background to the Cossington necklace

Local archaeologists uncovered an Early Bronze Age burial site in the village of Cossington in the 1990s. The site contained a flint knife and an extremely rare and high-status necklace dated to c. 1750 – 1450 BC – making it nearly 4000 years old! Its beads, made from amber, Whitby jet, faience (a type of early glass) and shale, show the people of Cossington were part of long-distance trade routes, including the Baltic which is the nearest source of amber.

The materials used to make the necklace had ‘otherworldly’ qualities such as electrostatic powers, giving the item, and by association the wearer, perceived supernatural protection.  Composite necklaces may have also acquired special meaning by being assembled from heirloom beads.

The necklace has recently been conserved and work is underway to devise new interpretation for when this item goes on permanent display in Charnwood Museum.