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Banner consisting of four images: Women wearing masks, one with a baby on her lap and the other holding out a stuffed animal to the baby. Two musicians looking at sheet music, one stood up and one sat down with a cello. A woman wearing a mask holding a smiling baby. Woman in a mask and a performer holding a sleigh bells instrument smiling at a baby lying down on a mat.

Musical Bin Dippers

It’s the first time she’s been out the house and met other children

It’s got me connected with the Menphys Centre and what’s going on

The music is so calming

I was really anxious about coming the first week, but now I love coming and have even brought a friend I recommended it to.

The Musical Bin Dippers project at South Wigston was formed in response to the need in the area for activities for parents and young children. The team wanted to tie it in with the area’s heritage, in particular the garment industry, and help people feel a sense of pride in their area’s past and its skills and traditions.

The project ran at Menphys Hub in South Wigston in November and December 2020 and was delivered by BabyGigs, a local social enterprise run by professional musicians, who created a series of sessions that celebrated the heritage of South Wigston.

Despite Covid restrictions and a second national lockdown the project reached 17 children and 13 parents/carers over the six weeks. For many tots born in lockdown it was the first time they had socialised outside their families; for parents who didn’t even get antenatal classes it was the first chance to meet other local parents. The music and art activities inspired our parents and children who often continued them at home, involving older siblings in puppet making for instance. Some people started listening to classical music for the first time, having discovered it’s calming effect on their little ones.

All of the parents and carers who attended reported they were more connected with each other and the local community, particularly the Menphys Hub.  Seeing the happiness on the faces of both adults and children each week and hearing how it improved their wellbeing made this is truly special project.

The legacy of this project is a thriving parent led playgroup at Elliott Hall in South Wigston.

We hope you enjoy watching the Musical Bin Dippers film!

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