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Foxton Canal Museum

We are delighted to be working with Foxton Canal Museum to create an exhibition and interpret the museum through films from the local community.

Foxton Canal Museum – ‘Through the eyes of…’  short films

‘Through the eyes of…’ is a film project aimed at supporting Foxton Canal Museum in reaching and engaging visitors, especially individuals and groups that may face barriers in accessing the museum,

We are enjoying working with targeted groups in the development and creation of a series of short films. The films will encourage individuals and families to gain the confidence to visit Foxton Canal Museum. This will then hopefully lead on to gaining the confidence to access other cultural services.

Our first amazing film has been created by five autistic young people and their families. We are so proud of everyone involved and we hope you enjoy it!



To find out more about the project please contact:

Foxton Canal Museum Traveller Exhibition

Coming soon – a project exploring local Traveller culture; their experiences, heritage and lives through the creation of co-produced and co-curated exhibitions both digitally and in Foxton Canal Museum.

To find out more about this project please contact:


“The ability to make continuous progress in ensuring we are seen as a diverse and inclusive organisation as possible, to both our visitors and volunteers, is critical. This is to meet our prime responsibility to act for the benefit of the public, but also for the sustainability of the trust and the museum we operate. Doing this is easier said than done! Fortunately we have since the end of last year started with the Participation Team to develop a number of projects which will provide substantial benefits to the community, with a special focus on individuals and groups where barriers to inclusion exist. The input and enthusiasm from the Participation Team has been extensive and this is certainly having a positive effect on those involved in the trust. These are exciting times for all involved and we are looking forward to seeing these projects take shape”. Sean Park, Chairperson, Foxton Canal Museum