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1485 Around the World

A map of Europe Africa and Asia in 1485, colour coded to show areas of power1485 was the year Leicestershire experienced the Battle of Bosworth, but what was happening around the world during that period? What happened in the cultural homelands of local people during mediaeval times which affects their lives today?

This project is working with local people to explore personal connections to mediaeval history.

We are working with communities who might not see themselves reflected in the story of the Battle of Bosworth. How do our communities interpret their history? What stories do local people want to tell? This project will provide the inspiration for a new co-curated exhibition in the community gallery at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre.


As communities get involved you will be able to read about their connections here:

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1485 around the world at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre

This adult learning group, based at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre, is currently working on the project ‘1485 Around the World’. Explorers is their name…exploring is their game!

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