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Traveller and Gypsy Heritage Project

The ladies' group have been left really excited about it and have tonnes of ideas about how to bring their stories to life in the museums. Being invited to have a platform to share their heritage is important to them.

‐ Jackie Duffy, Manager at GATE

We want to show people who we are and about our lives. I want to show gorgers (non-travelling people) how I feel.

‐ Participant

I hope this project makes people think a bit more and not judge us until they know us.

‐ Participant

The primary objective of all Museums is to be for the benefit of the public – all the public. In doing this we will enhance our ability to play a more meaningful role within both the local community and to visitors to the area.

‐ Sean Park, Trustee at Foxton Canal Museum

Home Is Where We Are!

In partnership with Gypsy and Traveller Equality (GATE) we have worked with an incredible group of Gypsy and Irish Traveller women to co-curate this exhibition, which formed a ground-breaking temporary exhibition at Foxton Canal Museum.

“We have lived, worked and travelled in Leicestershire our whole lives and this exhibition gives an insight into our world in our own words.”

It focused on celebrating Gypsy and Traveller culture and dispelling widely held misconceptions and prejudices that are held about this unique community. The ladies explored important life moments linked to births, weddings, holy communions, education and death. They also shared their personal highs and lows of travelling and their hopes for the future. They shared personal objects, photographs and stories and developed a quiz trail to keep people on their toes.

Jackie Duffy, manager at GATE, is passionate about making sure the cultural, historical and political histories of Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT) communities are explored, represented and shared. She believes that this project can contribute to reducing the vast inequalities faced.

“This project is contributing to reducing the vast inequalities faced by Gypsy Roma Traveller (GRT) communities and can make sure the cultural, historical and political histories are explored, represented and shared.”

Jackie Duffy, Manager at GATE

I’m delighted that Foxton Canal Museum were ambitious enough to take a fresh look at the way Museums and Heritage venues can work with communities. By inviting these wonderful ladies to explore their traditions and culture and share it in such a refreshing and dynamic way, you really have opened up the doors to news ways of engaging with communities both locally and further afield.”

-Chairman of Leicestershire County Council, Dr Kevin Feltham

The giant book produced for this exhibition will be travelling to different venues across Leicestershire, please see our social media or get in touch for updates.