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Braunstone Town Community Library

‘Inspiring Communities to Connect’

The team at Braunstone Town Community Library are working collaboratively with their community and local partners to develop strands of creative and cultural activity that will bring people together.  They’re creating volunteering opportunities with each strand of activity that they hope will help individuals to develop skills, build confidence and improve their wellbeing.

At the heart of this activity will be the library, a community hub, offering a meeting place for people of all backgrounds and of all ages to connect, create and share together.


Bin Dippers Go Wild!

Families will had the opportunity to connect with their culture and heritage through interactive music, art and storytelling activities that draw inspiration from local buildings, people, countryside and wildlife.


Intergenerational Musical Project

A music project aimed at connecting all ages through the sharing of music and memories from different eras.  They’ll be bringing out the vinyl and turning up the record player.  There’s even plans to produce and record some music!


Library Garden – Connecting in Nature

The creation of a community library garden where people will be able to come together to connect with nature, wildlife and the outdoors.


For more information or to get involved contact:

Braunstone Town Community library

Tel: 0116 482 0159