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m’Other – We are Artists, we became mothers… …and we are still artists

I am mum and... ...also forever a child.

‐ Anonymous

I am mum... ...but I am not YOUR mum.

‐ Karla

I am mum and... ...I am on a journey of discovery, finding out what this means...

‐ Lottie Bolster

I am mum... ...but I don't always want to be one.

‐ Amarjeet

I am mum and... ...I dance in the dark.

‐ Anna

I am mum and... ...and grateful to be one.

‐ Raja Ositi

I am mum and... much more than that.

‐ Rach

I am mum and... ...I am still a bit of me that used to be me.

‐ Khyati

m’Other Art at Charnwood Museum

This is a new and unique interventional exhibition to celebrate artist mothers. The project has been led by a local artist curator Khyati Koria-Green. In 2022 she received an Arts Council ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ grant. She used this to further research the role of an independent curator with particular focus on how other Mother Artists continue their practice. We are all delighted that her exhibition has been supported by the Leicestershire County Council Museum Collections Team and is being hosted at Charnwood Museum.

Click here for the Gallery Guide showcasing all of the Art exhibited as part of this project, including backgrounds from the artists themselves.

Due to the success of this exhibition, local people are now invited to get involved, not just as visitors, but as artists themselves. Read a bit more to find out how…


First from left image credit: Sam Wellington – ‘Spring Forward’
Second from left image credit: Jane Gibson – ‘Joined’
Central image credit: Khyati Koria-Green – ‘m’Other art’
Second from right image credit: Hilke Kurzke – ‘Milk, Blood, and Thing with Feathers’
First from right image credit: Sharon James – ‘Spoon Face’

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Find out why inspired this exhibition and why the subject is so important to the curator artist.

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‘I am mum and……’ A chance to focus on the ‘you’ before becoming anOther… a m’Other.

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