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Foxton Creates

This project will fire enthusiasm, allow the creativity of children to flourish and directly influence the Museum, produce new exciting exhibits that will particularly appeal to younger audiences and support the Museum to attract school and family visits to its unique and beautifully situated site.

As a National Portfolio Organisation we are funded by Arts Council England to work with an independent museum on our Community Curators strand of work. We are delighted to work with Foxton Canal Museum on the exciting project, Foxton Creates.

Foxton Creates will work with local primary schools to co-produce interactive, multisensory interpretations of the museum’s existing exhibits. We will also develop a new schools package for the museum with strong links to the curriculum that schools can use both at the museum and in the classroom.

We will be appointing a Creative Practitioner to lead the co-curation with local schools in Autumn 2024 and produce the multisensory interactives.

Alongside the creative work we will be carrying out a non-user survey and consultation with school staff that will shape the creative work and schools package we develop.

There will be volunteering opportunities at all stages of the project, from supporting the consultation to roles that support children and adults with additional needs visiting the museum.

If you’re a school in South Leicestershire that wants to get involved (including free transport to the Museum) or want to find out more about the project please contact

If you’re interested in volunteering opportunities on this project please contact