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Bespoke Cultural Activity for Children in Care

The children loved having free reign within the museum. The staff were extremely helpful and were great at getting the kids engaged and making them feel special. There needs to be more free heritage type activities that gently stretch and nurture our children. I’m so thankful

‐ Carer

We love working with Leicestershire County Council’s Virtual Schools service to run bespoke workshops tailored toward children and young people in foster care. Our teams within Communities and Wellbeing pull together to involve and inspire primary school aged children and their siblings and carers to access and use our local heritage venues and the resources they offer. Our aim is to enable children in care to be given accessible and meaningful opportunities to experience cultural activities.

Terrible Tales

In 2019 nearly 90 participants got involved with Terribulous Tudors at Melton Museum, Disgustarous Diseases at the 1620’s Manor House and Gardens, Dastardly Dinosaurs at Harborough Museum and Mexican Day of the Dead at Charnwood Museum. To name but a few! It was a huge success.

This year, between lock-downs we’ve managed to safely run several workshops, and we have several workshops in the planning in 2021. At special invite only, our guests can partake in workshops such as Rotten Rocks and Frightful Fossils, Spooky Birds and Super-Creeps, Dastardly Drama and Secret Agents, Menacing Mining and Awful Aliens…should they dare. Here are a few pics from the 2020 sessions!