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Image of a child sat on the floor reading. Only the lower half of the child is visible. Three other books are on the floor.

Blooming Books

The Participation Team and the Leicestershire Virtual School have worked in partnership to produce a series of 6 short films for foster carers. The films, named ‘Blooming Books’, are centred around the importance of reading for pleasure, and sharing stories, when learning to read. As such, they are aimed at foster carers who look after children who are learning the mechanics of reading, at any stage of this journey. Although this is the primary audience, there are also topics within the films that will be helpful for foster carers with older children and young people, such as motivation and digital resources.

Blooming Books draws upon the expertise and experience of staff who have worked closely with children and young people in care, and their foster carers, to promote reading for pleasure for many years. The films answer questions that have been asked frequently by foster carers over the years and both provide information and alleviate concerns that have been raised in the past. Topics include how sharing stories has both educational and social/emotional benefits, why children in care may struggle, and what resources are available including a personalised Leicestershire Library service.