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Bridget Jones’ Diary by Helen Fielding

It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces.

‐ Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones' Diary

Can officially confirm that the way to a man's heart these days is not through beauty, food, sex, or alluringness of character, but merely the ability to seem not very interested in him.

‐ Helen Fielding, Bridget Jones' Diary

What is the book about?

A comedic novel. The book follows a woman as she handles the stress of dating, her parents’ divorce and work place romance/break ups and how she handles it in all the most British of ways

What was good about it?

The characters were very relatable and the author illustrates how British people are very well. I think most women can relate to some of Bridget’s ordeals and it’s good that it was illustrated in a way that you can laugh about it all.

What didn’t you like? (if anything)

Overall, I wasn’t a fan of the book and actually preferred the film version. I think, as relatable as the characters were, it was hard to gel with them. Also, I was expecting it to be as funny as the film but it wasn’t…

Maybe I should have read the book first before watching the film.

Did it bring something positive to you?

It didn’t really bring me anything positive apart from as a distraction.

Would you recommend it to others? Why?

I would, just because the film is so well known and I think everyone should read the book version to link it to the film. I also think everyone takes something different from every book;

Whilst I didn’t really enjoy it, someone else might love it. It’s only right they get to make that decision for themselves.

But if it was on from my opinion, then no. I found it too boring.