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We see this film as an opportunity to share with future generations how we coped at a pivotal point in history - isolated socially, but united in spirit.

‐ Robin Jenkins, Senior Archivist, Leicestershire County Council

“We want to continue to show that we are all in this together. Sharing content to show how individuals use different coping mechanisms and technology to see them through will be a testament to our time in these difficult circumstances. They will also be preserved for generations to come."

‐ Councillor Richard Blunt, Cabinet Member for Heritage, Leisure and Arts

The team ran the #CV19IsolatedButInspired social media project to collate and curate videos representing how people spent their time during the coronavirus pandemic. We lived through a significant global historical event and our aim was to seek out, share and preserve the positivity and real sense of community which was undeniable throughout the pandemic.

Were you making, mending, creating, recording, caring, remembering, designing? We asked Leicestershire residents to share how they made lock-down better, with the aim of inspiring others during the crisis and preserving this for future generations

How did people get involved?

We asked Leicestershirians to make a 2 minute film of what they’d been doing during lock-down, their experiences, how they’d persevered when times were hard, how they kept in touch with families, their efforts to help the NHS and rally together from afar.

3000 members of the community took part

The submissions, which included videos, stories, photographs, poems and even songs, were sent in to the team and shared on the Community Curators social media channels between 27th March – 28th July 2020.

3000 members of the community were directly involved in creating and submitting content to the project and throughout this time, almost 100,000 members of the community engaged with the project digitally.

Have a look at some of the amazing submissions received from all over Leicestershire:

Leicestershire’s Digital Time-Capsule

The team worked with a Film-Maker to put all of the submissions together into one film, which can be seen below. As well as being shared with the community as inspiration and a ray of hope during these difficult times, the final film went into the archives at The Record Office for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland to be preserved for future generations.