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Project Digby

I never thought at my age I would be a volunteer! I really enjoyed making the picture quiz and it was fun to take photos, especially as I got to use the fancy camera. I like the idea that visitors to the House will learn new things by doing our quiz. I hope we didn’t make the questions too hard!

‐ Project Digby Volunteer

Project Digby at 1620s House and Garden – our legacy lives on.

Project Digby was an exciting autism-friendly volunteering project, at the 1620s House and Garden, run in partnership with Autism East Midlands.  The project was created in response to an existing volunteer, who was struggling to find suitable heritage opportunities for her daughter.

Becoming young volunteers

The name, Project Digby, was inspired by the Digby family who lived in the house on and off in the 1600s. ‘The project explored what life was like during the 1600s: what food people ate, what music they listened to, what clothes they dressed in; and the young people wanted to share what they had learnt, and what they had found interesting.

They designed a quiz aimed at young visitors to the House and Garden. Be sure to check it out on your next visit!

Click here to download the quiz!

Find out more about the amazing 1620s House and Gardens.

Winners of the East Midlands regional Marsh Trust for ‘Volunteers for Museum Learning’ award.

What a huge achievement! The young volunteers were recognised for their contribution in helping the 1620s House and Gardens become more autism friendly and for the creation of their fun, interactive quiz.

The ceremony took place at The British Museum where winners were invited to celebrate and receive their award.

 “It was an amazing and humbling experience to be presented with the Marsh Awards.  We never imagined our small contribution to Project Digby, aimed at laying the foundations for the inclusion of Autistic children in Leicestershire, would receive such prestigious recognition.  We are grateful to the Volunteers Team for inviting us to the Awards Ceremony and look forward to supporting their future ventures.” Shahean, Parent of young volunteer

The project was also shortlisted for the volunteer team of the year, at the prestigious Museum and Heritage awards.