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We Are Our Home Celebration

Gypsies don’t get the opportunity to have projects (like this) so I’m very happy we did come and did learn and met other people. It made us feel all as one and we didn’t feel alienated.

As a creative practitioner I’m really pleased my skills, expertise and vision has been trusted and I’ve been allowed to run with this project.

I’m a Romany Gypsy, I’ve never known any life but this life. I made the (cooking) pot to show the way we live.

Our participation in this project was very joyful for all the community, because sharing the culture, language and heritage (of Ukraine) is really important … we’re happy to meet other people and make the community much bigger.

On 24th August 2023 we came together to celebrate the culmination of the We Are Our Home project and explore our Cloth House for the first time. Participants, volunteers and staff enjoyed exploring the house and celebrating their contribution and achievements.

Our creative practitioner, Danielle Vaughan, was on hand to explain the concept of the Cloth House to visitors.

The Cloth House is a legacy of all the fantastic work from the We Are Harborough project, something that represents us all, whilst celebrating what makes us unique. It further embedded work with communities who haven’t engaged with us before and it was lovely to see many of those participants at the celebration and hear how the project has made them feel included, supported, heard and represented.

You can see our Cloth House at Harborough Museum until November 2023.