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A thank you to our volunteers!

In 2023 I was part of organising an exhibition in Loughborough Public Library- the subject being glass slide collection of photographs that the library hold. The slides are all local and late Victorian and early Edwardian. Researching the photographs and mounting the exhibition was a very rewarding experience and I learned so much about our town and surroundings from that period.

‐ Loughborough Library Local Studies Volunteer

I like meeting people and telling them about the 1620s House.

‐ 1620s House Volunteer

Meeting new people and making friends. Knowledge. Confidence. Opportunity to tell our story. Break the barriers between different communities. Lots to takeaway!

‐ Anonymous

So many highlights… I have been intrigued and impressed by the skills of the makers of the items in the ethnographic collection. I realise that may sound patronising but I have been genuinely impressed.

‐ Anonymous

Volunteer friendship and enjoyment meeting people for the first time. Taking a group of people with sight loss round then being told is was a high point of their weekend.

‐ 1620s House Volunteer

I was welcomed as a volunteer as LLLSVG. Investigating the family timeline who lived at Burleigh Hall.

‐ Loughborough Library Local Studies Volunteer

Several highlights. Educational, learning about different cultures and periods in history. Getting in touch with my past seeing articles that I may have used or my parents will have used in their homes.

‐ Loughborough Library Local Studies Volunteer

As a visitor today (I volunteer in South Wales), the highlight for me is seeing the volunteers come together and share their experiences. And also, how they’re appreciated. A lovely experience for me. Thank you for making me welcome.

‐ Visiting volunteer

The long chats with one of my library clients. It’s a real pleasure to visit him.

‐ Home Library Service Volunteer

Having a preview of Hallaton mask and seeing articles at close quarters.

‐ Anonymous

A huge thank you to all our volunteers! The scope of roles which our volunteers play in the community is wide ranging with phenomenal impact. All our volunteers add to our cultural offer as well as increasing their own wellbeing in the process.

We held a celebration event for our volunteers at the 1620s House and Garden, bringing people from a variety of roles together to share what they do and hear about other experiences. We encouraged people to share the highlight of their volunteering from the year. Click through the above ribbon and see below to read some examples.

“A great team of volunteers! Our Glass Slides Exhibition (March 2023) was a great project to work on. It brought in many visitors who left some wonderful comments.”- Loughborough Library Local Studies Volunteers

“Enjoyed the whole year. Really enjoyed filming the upstairs of the house to make the visit of folk with mobility difficulties more fulfilling. Looking forward to filming the whole house and garden as our outreach contribution to LCC’s ‘Culture to You’ project.”- 1620s House Volunteer

“The long chats with one of my library clients. It’s a real pleasure to visit him.”- Home Library Service Volunteer

We encouraged conversation between the volunteers via a fun quiz based on all of their fantastic projects and roles! We felt this was a fun way to demonstrate the variety and breadth of what goes on within volunteer groups. One question was ‘Which museum is the newly conserved Hallaton Helmet displayed in?’ Of course this is Harborough Museum based in the Symington Building! You can find out more about this project by visiting the Harborough Museum website.

Another question was, what is the name of the community exhibitions case in Charnwood Museum which is managed by a panel of volunteers? Answer; The Spotlight Case! This is a space within Charnwood Museum which allows anyone to showcase and exhibition in the museum. The project is advised and guided by a group of volunteers, Community Connectors. Take a look at the project by clicking here.

Volunteering is fundamental to the way we work with our community, encouraging co-curation and engagement with services and breaking down barriers. We look forward to continuing to expand the opportunities for our community in Leicestershire.