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Our ‘At Home’ Offer

For those who are unable to visit our Museum and Library sites, we can bring our artwork, handling collections and library books to you!

There are different options you can choose from. Whether you’re interested in simply borrowing a beautiful artwork or enjoying a cultural activity, we provide a bespoke offer tailored to your needs and interests. This opportunity could help you…

  • Improve wellbeing
  • Explore interests and passions
  • Connect with friendly volunteers

We have 4 strands to our ‘At Home’ offer, Art to you, Activity to You,  Reminiscence to you and our Home Library Service. You can pick and choose what you are interested in and what works for you.

Art to You

You can borrow a piece of high-quality contemporary artwork from our Museum Service for up to 6 months.

Want to connect with, and discover more about the art? We have optional activities related to each piece. These can be self-led or enjoyed with one of our Culture to You volunteers. Anyone can look at a work of art and find meaning, you just need think about it in terms of self, place, and time. Our Ways of Looking activity will help you understand the artwork, by exploring how it makes you think and feel.
Want to give it a try yourself?  Our art activities allow you to try new techniques and create your own artwork in a similar style.


Activity to You

Engage with our museum objects!

We have a range of activities from arts and crafts, creative writing and history and learning. Our object handling collection is at the heart of all these and allows you to explore and engage with these objects. All sessions are aimed at complete beginners and do not require any previous knowledge. The activities are designed for you to enjoy with one of our friendly volunteers, who will be exploring and learning the sessions alongside you.

Reminiscence to You 

Feel nostalgic with our Memory Boxes.

This multi-sensory opportunity explores themes such as childhood, the seaside and royalty. Each of our boxes includes things to touch, smell, listen to and do. They are intended to evoke reminiscence and provide inclusive and joyful experiences for people. They can be enjoyed by all but were specifically designed in mind for individuals with dementia or learning disabilities


Home Library Service

Leicestershire County Council also has a Home Library Service offer, where you can get library books delivered to your door. For more visit our Home Library Service webpage.


How it works

A member of the team will visit you in your home to find out more about you and your interests. This will be at a time that suits you and you are welcome to have a family member, friend or support worker with you.

We will develop a bespoke offer of cultural activity and /or artworks, carefully chosen just for you!

You will be matched with one of our friendly Culture to You Volunteers. They will deliver objects, artwork and activity to you every 2-4 weeks at a time that suits you.

The volunteer will arrange to collect the item when it’s convenient.

Is this for me?

There are many reasons you may be unable to visit us at the moment. This could be due to:

  • Physical /Mental health and / or disability/ illness
  • Mobility
  • Caring responsibilities
  • Low confidence
  • Issues with transport access

We are more than happy to discuss individual circumstances. If you feel that you could benefit from this opportunity, please get in touch.


Phone: 0116 305 1221