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Thursday 19th August 2021

Al’s Awesome Science with Jane Clarke

¬†Join Jane Clarke in a fun and interactive online science session based on her Al’s Awesome Science series. Participants will have a chance to see some silly but scientific experiments. If you’d like to do them together, have a piece of paper, a pencil and couple of coloured felt pens available, plus an egg, a plastic bag, kitchen roll, 3 rubber bands, a wooden spoon, 2 balloons, a penny coin, a teaspoon, some baking power or bicarbonate of soda (we’ll use around 4 tsp). Finally, you’ll need a small bottle (around 200ml is best), filled around a third with vinegar (any sort). Put the vinegar bottle on a dish to catch any overflow!

Duration: 1 hour

Please purchase one ticket per device i.e. if you have 2+ children they may use one device to participate in the session together.


Jane Clarke is the author of over 100 published books including the popular series Dr Kitty Cat, Al’s Awesome Science and Lottie Loves Nature, and the award-winning picture books Neon Leon and Gilbert the Great. She loves fossils and nature, and is currently writing A Small Person’s Guide to Grandmas.

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