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Tuesday 17th August 2021

Lottie Loves Nature with Jane Clarke

Join Jane Clarke in a fun and interactive online session based on her Lottie Loves Nature series. Discover more about the creatures that visit your garden and how to help them. If you’d like to follow along and make a wormery, you’ll need a big recycled plastic bottle (one litre or a litre and a half), some gravel, soil and sand, a potato and a carrot. For a butterfly feeder, a paper plate, some string and scissors and a small piece of fruit. For a bee and honeycomb: 2 sheets of card (any colour, not too thick), scissors, a ruler, sticky tape, plain paper, a pencil and black and yellow crayons or felt pens.

Duration: 1 hour

Please purchase one ticket per device i.e. if you have 2+ children they may use one device to participate in the session together.


Jane Clarke is the author of over 100 published books including the popular series Dr Kitty Cat, Al’s Awesome Science and Lottie Loves Nature, and the award-winning picture books Neon Leon and Gilbert the Great. She loves fossils and nature, and is currently writing A Small Person’s Guide to Grandmas.

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