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Wednesday 18th August 2021

Tom the Tale Teller

Join Tom the Tale Teller for stories from his story stickĀ and many more. Tom is a master of words but has a memory like a sieve. To help him remember his stories, Tom carries around his trusty Story Stick, covered in pictures, each with its own story to tell. Sometimes, the stick may not even be needed, the right story for the moment may find Tom!. Join him for an unpredictable event full of fun and laughter and stories from around the world, told in the traditional oral style, no books, no scripts, totally unrehearsed, which means anything can happen… and frequently does, which makes it even more exciting!

NB. Children should be accompanied by adults

Duration: 1 hour

Tom came stumbling into the world of storytelling in his mid 20’s through his work as a primary school teacher. After trying out a bit of storytelling on his class, he soon ventured onto the open mic storytelling scene, telling his stories to adults. Over the past few years, he has written and published two folk tale books for children through The History Press, and he now tries to flog these wherever he goes (he even takes cards now so there’s no excuse). After a year of having the life sucked out of him on Zoom and YouTube, he is ready to finally meet real-life people once more and bring the stories back to life!

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