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Sharing culture in schools

We want to find out more about what schools teach and how they do it.

‐ Usha

The Anand Mangal ladies are continuing to work with us supported by Creative Learning Services and Loughborough University in a school’s outreach project. They are sharing stories of their heritage, lives and culture with reference to memories of Partition and migration.

The workshops cover My Journey; Memories of Childhood and Schools; Clothing, Craft, Culture and Belief; Navrati Stick Dancing and Diwali. We plan to capture this way of working with communities to promote the model in next year’s South Asian Heritage Month.

What would you take if you had to leave your house in a hurry? The children at Hathern Primary School saw what Anila brought with her from Uganda and considered what is precious to them.

The brilliant musician Mr Shay brought the sounds of Punjab to the school as the ladies shared memories of their school days.

The children had first-hand experience of traditional clothing and crafts with the opportunity to try on saris, suits and headwear, make rangolis, draw henna patterns and make rakhi (brother and sister bands) to take home.