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Birstall Library Comic Book Project

Staff at Birstall Library pinpointed the comic book section as an area of potential growth, and together we found a space in the children’s library that needed some attention. When we saw ‘Jessi Illustrates’ application that addressed these two identified areas, we knew that we could do something very special.

We approached Hallam Fields Primary School, who decided that their Year 4 Badgers class would benefit from the project, and recruited an enthusiastic group of children for an after school group who named themselves the ‘Comic Creators’.

Jessi worked hard with the two groups of children over a 5-week course in January and February 2024 to develop different skills including developing characters, creating cohesive stories, and of course learning how to draw amazing comic style illustrations. While our group from Hallam Fields Primary School focused on looking at local characters in Birstall, past and present, our after-school club came up with some wild and wacky characters!

Everyone’s hard work was honoured and rewarded at our Celebration event at the library in March 2024. We unveiled…

  1. Our amazing comic book! Not only will there be a copy that will be held at the library for everyone to enjoy, every child that took part received their own copy to take home
  2. Our interactive magnetic comic book story board that remains in the library to inspire children to create their own art and comics
  3. A temporary exhibition, showcasing all of the work that the children have accomplished over their time learning with Jessi

Congratulations to everyone involved in this creative, exciting and imaginative project!

Click on the below button to see our Birstall Library Comic Book, written and illustrated by The Bunch of 30 Badgers and the Comic Creators.

Birstall Library Comic Book