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Pictures, Prose and Perfect Pastry

Glen Hills Together library volunteers invited the local community to share their photographs of Glen Parva in winter. They also invited them to write on the theme of ‘Glen Parva Memories’ and share favourite recipes.

It wasn’t long before submissions came in, culminating in a fantastic virtual exhibit. A selection has also been collated in a booklet entitled: ‘Pictures, Prose and Perfect Pastry’, copies of which are free to pick up at the Glen Hills Library.

We hope you enjoy viewing the selection the volunteers have chosen to share.

Railings hung with christmas decorations
Deck the Railings taken by Christine Thomas

The Railings


“Local residents, including families, care homes residents and sheltered living residents, were invited to make Christmas decorations to hang on the railings outside the library, during December. The response, as you can see, was amazing!” Linda Sidorowicz

Great central way signpost topped with snow. snowy trees in the background.
Great Central Way Signpost taken by Christine Thomas

A Glen Parva Childhood


A Glen Parva Childhood: “I feel lucky to have grown up in Glen Parva. I didn’t realise at the time what a strong community I was part of and took my active childhood and opportunities I was presented with for granted.  We used to explore Glen Parva on the ponies as children, sneaking through Bluebell woods to get onto the Great Central Way where we could ride safely for hours.” Alice King

A few of my Glen Parva memories


“I remember walks along the great central Way before it was tarmacked. It was as lovely then as it is now, but then you could still imagine that a train might come hurtling towards you at any moment. I think it closed as a railway line in the early 1960s.” Joyce Calow

Forest path and trees covered in snow


Great Central Way taken by Chris Bancroft
Canal towpath and trees covered in snow. Canal boat on the water.


Running in the Snow, Canal Towpath taken by Karen O’ Connell


Wandering around Glen Parva


“The Canal Towpath, when not too crowded or muddy, makes for a peaceful ramble. There are plenty of plants and water birds to provide interest. Taking the Dorothy Avenue Playing Fields as a starting point, you can walk through the woods and access the towpath from blue Bank Lock or walk in the direction of Blaby or Aylestone and find various places to get off the towpath and explore the surrounding areas.” Linda Sidorowicz

photograph of a snowy canal and path.


Blue Banks Bridge taken by Zoe Davies
Person stood in a flooded meadow


Everard’s Meadow in Flood taken by Hilary Adamson


Wandering around Glen Parva


“Wellingtons are really a boon in conditions like these, a worthwhile investment. As we ascended the steps at the lock, we decided to walk over the new wooded bridge onto Everard’s Meadow to find some puddles to clean our wellies; there was plenty! The river had escaped its banks and overflowed over the green area.” Linda Sidorowicz

Photography at sunset of a flooded meadow


Flooded Meadow taken by Janet Short
Entrance to nature reserve with a noticeboard


Nature area & Council Noticeboards taken by Gaynor Coleman
“The 27-acre plot of land, opened in November 2010, is home to an array of wildflowers and wildlife like the green woodpecker, meadow pipit, dragonflies, butterflies and voles. Many locals enjoy regular walks in Glen Parva Nature Reserve and will find the Nature Reserve volunteers a mine of information when it comes to the history of the area.”

photograph of a meadow at sunset

Sunset over Everard’s Meadow taken by Joanne Duffy
Two sisters’ memories of Glen Parva


“We both went our separate ways; my sister still lives locally, and I moved back ‘home’ to Greendale Road seven years ago. It still feels like a small, safe community, there is still lots going on for everyone, although very different activities to 50 years ago. We can still look out of ‘our’ bedroom window over the field to the Central Way – very much the same but also very different – with happy memories.” Susan Flint & Margaret Weston

outdoor scene with glen parva manor in the background


Glen Parva Manor taken by Rob French


Pop along to Glen Hills Library & Park Café to pick up a copy of the booklet, borrow books, enjoy a cup of tea and a slice of cake and to find out how you can get involved!

Glen Hills Library & Park Cafe, Parish Council Office, Dorothy Avenue, Glen Parva, Leicester, LE2 9JD