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Poem: A Night at the Library by a Prison Orderly

A Night at the Library


In the Library when no one’s about,

That’s when the magic in the books comes out.

Audiobooks are the first to make a sound

They sing and shout and call around.

Their neighbours Non-Fiction begin to wake,

This causes the whole library to start to shake.

Fantasy, Horror and Sci-Fi soon come alive

And with this their heroes and stories arrive,

Fiction shouts them down saying their stories are fluff,

Biographies argue that they’re the real stuff.

Urban start rapping keeping in time,

But poetry argue that they’re better at rhyme.


Now all the book tribes are fully at war;

Foreign Languages scream till their voices are sore.

With so much noise and so much shrill,

A commanding chorus tells them all to be still.

The Novels that shaped the World, with all of their muster,

Call an end to all of the Library bluster.

They have influenced the world and settled the score,

Now they all go to sleep and start dreaming once more.