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Guide to The Cloth House

Welcome to our Cloth House. The house was made by over 100 people from all parts of the Harborough community. This is what they decided a home should include:






The Front Door

Surrounding the front door are flowers, including a large sunflower, loved by British children and a national emblem of Ukraine. Gypsies and Travellers cook outside when they are on the road. This tripod and campfire is a traditional way of cooking and the water urn a traditional way to collect water for drinking, cooking and washing.
Gypsies and Travellers traditionally live in caravans and wagons. The wheels allow them to go anywhere, home travels with them. This handbag is full of lace that Gypsies and Traveller women traditionally sell door to door. This bag is full and ready for a lady sell.
Shoes by the door, with a shoehorn. In Ukraine shoes are left outside the door of apartments. Children’s toys feature here too; a teddy is in the window, a Pokémon ball is outside and someone is walking their pet cat.

Living Room

The living room is where we relax and enjoy our hobbies.

The TV. In this home has a cat on TV. Pets and animals were important to all the community groups who participated. Here are some of our pets, and lovely cushions for them to sit on.
This room has a bookshelf, there are books, music and films on our shelf. Everything from The Shining to the Bible!
There is also a guitar beside the shelf. There is a view of the garden through the window, with a car in the garage, a fox on the lawn, a traditional Ukrainian shirt on the washing line and a cross and fish emblem, representing the Christian beliefs of the Gypsy and Traveller community.

Dining Room

The dining room isn’t just for eating, in our home it is a place for games, a TV and pets too.

The dining room table has several plates of food, as well as some flowers and a PlayStation 5. Another TV is in the dining room, this one is showing a nature programme.
Through the dining room window the Ukrainian community made a view of the Crimean sea. Crimea, currently under Russian occupation, holds a special place in the heart of Ukrainians. It is a popular holiday destination and many Ukrainians have happy memories of holidays by the sea. The dining room chairs aren’t just for people in our house, one little girl decided to put some pigs on this one!


The kitchen is often the busiest room in the house and ours is no exception!

Ice cream was very popular with lots of the children who participated. The kitchen cupboard has decorative plates as well as food.
No kitchen is complete without a kettle for a cuppa. We’re busy cooking soup and a pancake.
Kitchen utensils are a must. The kitchen window, with a cactus, tap and friendly frog.
One little girl decided to hang her family portrait in the kitchen.

Graffiti Wall

Inside the Cloth House is a graffiti wall. At the workshops participants were invited to express themselves freely. People drew things that represented their community, Harborough and themselves, including the different languages they speak at home.