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Find out about the connections people have between an object and a person it reminds them of.


“This object is a ‘Miswaak’, which is a natural toothbrush made of small tree branch. I chose this object because it is holy in our religion, it was used by our prophet Muhammad (PBuh). It has a health and scientific effect.”


“This is what my mother in law made. This is the pattern in India – like a peacock, like a dog, I don’t know what this one is but you can put all fresh or dried things in and see the decoration in the cupboard. This is all done by hand. It’s got a bit broken, but I’ve stuck it with glue. You can see it’s very old”


“I brought brass water pot and brass small pot. It belongs my mother in law and I used to fetch water from the well”


“I chose to bring a jacket which was gifted to me by my wife. I chose this because this is a rare design and colour. Wearing my jacket made me feel happy and remind me of my wife”


I chose this because I love that the red beaded necklace reminds me of my great-grandmother, although I bought it in a charity shop. Seeing it makes me feel happy, it really reminds me of my great grandmother and the lovely times we used to spend together”


“I chose a wrist watch as my object because my grandfather had gifted me many years ago. Seeing the watch makes me feel happy and reminds me of my grandfather”


“I chose this object because…it was given to me by the staff at Glebe House for my 60th birthday. Seeing it makes me feel happy, warm and loved. I remember my birthday”


“This is a photo of my friend John from the 1930s. He was born in 1926 and was only 20 when he went to war. I met him at Fearon Hall in Loughborough. I chose this object because it brings back fond memories of my kind and generous friend who sadly passed away in 2016”


“My gold ring I found while digging the garden. This ring my husband got as a wedding gift. I gave it to my mother in law to wear. The ring was loose on her, so she dropped it – lost in the garden. I went to dig the garden after 10 years and there I found the ring!”


I chose this object because my grandma looked after me and loved me better than my mum. She is no longer with me but every day I look at her photo and remember her and the good times we had. Seeing it makes me feel sad at what I have lost but also memories of the good times. My sister is also important because she looked after us both”.


“I chose this cause my wife bought this guitar and my first guitar in this country. Seeing it makes me happy”


“I chose this Guinness hat because it represents my family tree and the crazy side of me, which is half Irish. It brings back happy memories of the last time we were together having a laugh. It was just a freebie hat and doesn’t have a monetary value, but reminds me of my boys, my cousins and when my Nana and Grandad met in WWX in the WRVS. This hat has travelled the world with me from, Loughborough, Leicester, Birmingham, Dubai, Thailand and back to England”


“I brought this yoga book because it remind me of my friend who brought for me”


“When my sister was working in America in 1994, she brought me this lion as a present. He bring me memories of my childhood and old Disney movies”


“I have decorated these coconuts. I’ve made one for my granddaughter’s wedding. She will hold it in her hands when she comes in. This one has a Swastik and this one has an Om. When the wedding is over, I can give you one for the museum. I learned to decorate coconuts a long time ago. I like to decorate everything! When someone wants something for a wedding, I make garlands, pictures, everything, starting in 1965. I was about 22 when I came here, no one made garlands or anything like that and friend was getting married, and she wanted things, so I said I would try it. At the beginning I wasn’t very good! And afterwards, everyone knows me. This coconut might be 10 years old but this one is very old!”


“I chose this object because the photo album was made for me by my Aunt with all my family’s photos – great granddad, grandparents, Aunts, cousins and sisters. Seeing it makes me feel happy because I remember the good times. I keep the album in my bedroom and look at it all the time”


“I chose this object because. I was given this gold necklace for my 21st birthday and I like to keep it in its special box. It is a special present from 14 years ago. It is gold, shiny and I think very expensive and precious.

Seeing it made me feel very happy and I think of my brother who loves me. I am very spoilt”


“I chose this photo of my great, great, great Grandad standing outside a blacksmiths shop c.1800’s because I am very curious about researching and finding out more about my family history.”


“Remembering my mum. She was a very clever creative lady. But if the museum wants, I am happy to give it to them.”


“I chose this object because Dad got me to talk and say my first words using the sooty puppet. I was late speaking because I was born with a cleft pallet and my Dad wouldn’t give me my favourite toy until I asked for it. My first words were ‘utty’ – I always used to miss the ‘s’ off!”


“Crochet blanket, made for 1st child 19 years ago. First blanket ever made by me.”


“Engagement sari. My father bought it for me I could not afford. 22 years ago.”


“Book passed on to me by my mum – her school prize in 1939. It is special because it connects with her childhood.”


“I recently acquired this old bank safe after my Grandpa passed away. He had bought it for fifty shillings at a Loughborough public auction, sometime between 1958 and 1968. What made the safe an interesting lot was that it was locked, and nobody knew where to find the key! This didn’t put my Grandpa off purchasing the safe, and once he could, he took it to a Loughborough locksmith, who was able to successfully open the door. Inside they found a copy of the London Times for June 22, 1815, containing the first eyewitness account to reach England of the Battle of Waterloo that occurred just a few days before the article was printed. Collectively, the items had provided an interesting story for my Grandpa to share over the years, and I have found the story equally as intriguing to relay.”


“The object I brought today is special to me. It was made by my mother over 50 years ago. Her on design – material, Raffia. Crochet decorative piece on which you can display flower vase”