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Discover how precious objects hold personal meanings to people about their beliefs, faith, aspirations and wellbeing.


“I chose this object because I would like to be famous – to become a famous artist for the gallery. I would like to paint the countryside and flowers, like Monet and Manet. Seeing it makes me feel happy and at peace”


“I chose these crystals because I carry them about with me at all times. I love the colour of them and that something so beautiful comes out of the ground. They make me feel more civil and spiritual because I believe they have healing and meditative qualities”


“My bike is really important to me because it enables me to get about and gives me freedom”


“I bought these reading glasses 3 years ago from an optical store in Loughborough. I chose them because I feel good and comfortable when I wear them. They help me to enjoy everyday life because I can’t read without them. I use them to pray with”


“I chose this object because I love Bagpus – he is my favourite toy. When I saw him in the shop I loved him straight away because he talks [when you press his tummy]. He must be with me every night. Seeing it made me feel happy and cheerful. He comforts me and helps me to get to sleep. If I lost him I’d be really upset – he is special”


“I chose this object because I wear my wedding ring all the time. Seeing it makes me feel loved and not single”


“I chose this object because Mr Bean is my favourite. He makes me laugh. I liked the pictures and the things he does are funny. Seeing it makes me feel relaxed and I have a drink with it.  I bought this book from a charity shop when I was out with my mum and dad. I like to watch Mr Bean on the TV also”


“I am a religious person and I get great comfort from holding this stone angel – it helps me to feel closer to God in times of need”