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Another Fantastic Year in Leicestershire Shared Reading

Our aim is to offer a shared reading experience of great literature, helping people to form social connections in a supportive and friendly environment, either via Zoom or in-person at libraries across Leicestershire.

‐ Leicestershire Shared Reading Team

Leicestershire Shared Reading are a group that have proven to be extremely valuable to the communities in which they reside. A team of Reader Leader volunteers offer their time, experience, and passion to engage group members in the joys of reading!

The thread of volunteering is spun into this group which generates an improved sense of wellbeing for all involved. One Reader Leader said:

“Shared Reading has been a major part of my life for the last 10 years, since initiating the project in Leicestershire, and it is really important to me. I’m really happy that it has inspired others to volunteer, and with whom I can share this enjoyment. I love being a Reader Leader, and I look forward to seeing group members each week.”

This enthusiasm can also be seen in the participants themselves who have expressed;

We would like to thank Leicestershire Shared Reading for their contributions to the volunteering sector and the libraries where they reside. Their presence in these library’s encourages the local community to come together in a safe space with a joint purpose. They also offer online meetings, widening their net to those who may not be able to visit the library. You can find out more about the group by visiting their website.