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Ann, Farmer

 My name is Ann Robinson and my job is farmer, secretary and general dogsbody.

Looking at the Ladybird books, do you think your job is like the one depicted in the book?

Very similar, that’s what I do, like is I feed all the lambs at lambing time and it is very similar.

What are the main differences between then and now?

It’s the technology on farming, the tractors have improved. Sometimes not as good as what they should be. Like milking cows has improved as well, but coming back to like the sheep, that doesn’t change at all.

What things have stayed the same?

Things what as I said. Lambing sheep and calving cows, it don’t alter at all.

What makes your job special?

I’m from a farming family, it’s like in your blood really because not many other people, like they don’t accept the work what’s about or whatever. But it’s lovely.

Have you always worked in Harborough?

Yes, I have, because I said my parents were at Peatling, now I live at King’s Norton.

What is special about doing your job in the Harborough area?

It’s where I was brought up, so you love it, don’t you? You just love the area.