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About Baca

“Beautiful and heart-warming. It really makes you think about what is really important in life.”

“An amazing spotlight case! Well done to all at Baca, you should be very proud. An incredible work of art with thought-provoking comments.”

“We like all the beautiful colours (on the batik) we want to make something beautiful like this.”

‐ Elizabeth (4) and Charlotte (3)

“I love this exhibition and what the young people do.”

“This [batik] looks amazing! Thank you for sharing.”

All Together – We are Stronger

8 November 2023 – 24 February 2024

Culture Leicestershire worked in partnership with the charity ‘Baca’ to co-curate an exhibition by local young asylum seekers living in Loughborough. All Together – We are Stronger is a colourful exhibition exploring the importance of sharing food and celebrating their identity, culture, and traditions.

About Baca

Baca believes each young person has a dignity worth uncovering, talents worth discovering, and a life worth living to their fullest potential, no matter their past or present circumstances. This charity enables young people 16+ in age who are seeking asylum, some of whom have been victims of trafficking, to achieve this positive future through providing specialist-supported accommodation and holistic development training. Further information about the important work of Baca can be found here:


This creative project has involved an art therapist working alongside a group of young unaccompanied asylum seekers to share their stories. The project concept was inspired by food as this was a theme they could all connect with. A traditional pancake-like food of Ethiopia is Injera. Injera can be individual or a very large round Injera might cover a table and then the food is shared directly from it.  For the exhibition’s centre piece, each group member decorated a segment of the cloth with designs and symbols that incorporated their culture using traditional printing and batik techniques. These individual segments were then sewn together to make a large tablecloth symbolising the shared experience of eating together and the importance of community and culture.

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