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Coalville Library Childminder Group

Myself and my little ones have really loved having a group especially for childminders, as since the covid pandemic so many groups have now closed. Plus as a childminder it became very isolating, I have really enjoyed the time to meet and the children chance to socialise

‐ Childminder

When we put the word out there to see if there would be interest for a Coalville Library Childminder Group, the answer was a resounding yes!

At the beginning of November 2022, we held our very first session. We have taken a stroll through the deep, dark wood with a mouse and a Gruffalo, danced a wild rumpus with Max and the Wild Things, taken a trip to the farm with Buster, and explored many more books!

The group are also supporting the development of one of the Story Explorer bags , which will be available to use for visitors of the library.

As a legacy of this project, there will also be group activity packs available for childminders and early-year professionals to make use of when they visit the library.