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Natalya, Community Volunteer

Where are you from? 

Originally I’m from Ukraine, Kremenchuk.

How long have you lived in market Harborough? 

I live in Harborough for nearly 9 years. We moved to Market Harborough  from Croydon in 2014 as my mother in law suggested moving here.

How has Russia’s invasion affected your family? 

When the invasion began my brother and his family were in Bucha, they saw and heard how it started. They went to neighbouring town Irpin to see their friends on 24th February in the afternoon to support each other, but couldn’t get back to Bucha as the bridge was destroyed. They had to go to Kremenchuk, town where my parents live.

What is your role in your community? 

I lead the Ukrainian community, with Andrew and Sarah, and of course the help of all volunteers in the Methodist Church, it was possible to organise Saturday meetings, which are very helpful as it is a place where people can meet each other, chat, have morning tea with delicious cakes and just share information.

What are your/your family’s plans for the future? 

Our plan is to meet up again.  Life sometimes corrects your plans in unexpected ways.

What have you learned from this period of your life?

I learned, or relearned, that fear doesn’t need to stop you from doing what you know you should do. If one door closes another will open,  you just need to follow your heart.

What is your favourite place in Harborough? 

My home.

If you could give one message to the people of Harborough, what would it be? 

Thank you for supporting Ukraine.

Tell us one memory you have of Harborough?

It’s not easy to choose. I didn’t have an easy time when I moved to Harborough, but I am lucky to meet wonderful, honest, kind friends here and my friends list is growing.

Never gave up and don’t lose hope. SLAVA UKRAINI!