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Sergii, Ukrainian Refugee

Where are you from?

Sergii and Peppy

All my life I lived in Kyiv – I spent 2 years in Middle East when I was in the army, as part of 3 years compulsory service for every man in the USSR.

Is there anything interesting that you have seen/learnt here?

Everything is interesting that is new to you, I love that in England you can travel easily in a motorhome round the country, and it’s not a problem. One time in London I was in Regents Park, and I noticed a fox, and I was so surprised because in Kyiv we don’t see this kind of wildlife in the cities.

When did you arrive in the UK and how?

When the war started in Ukraine, I happened to be in Poland, I knew if I returned to Ukraine, I would not be able to leave again and I did not want to be dragged into the war. I also knew that I could not stay in Poland any longer as I had nowhere to go the language is very different from Ukrainian there also, we cannot understand each other. I went first to Lithuania (where they speak a little more Russian) and the tried to find a sponsor. I knew some English, so this helped, and I found Peppy and flew to England. They met me at the airport. (No date given for arrival in UK)

Favourite places in market Harborough:

The central square and Welland Park.

Do you have a special memory about Market Harborough?

For me, when you live somewhere, it becomes your habitual place, it’s nice because it is your place.

Give one message to the people of Harborough?

A big, big, big thank you to everybody because a lot of people helped us Ukrainians in Market Harborough, thank you for your advice, for giving us a chance to live and work here. Thank you from the bottom of my soul.