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Iryna, Ukrainian Refugee

Where are you from?

I am from a city called Kamianets Podilskiyi in the Khmelnytskyi Region (central Ukraine, close to the Moldova/Romanian border).

When did you come to the UK and how?

I arrived in Market Harborough on 24th May, I travelled into Romania and then took a plane to the UK.

What is your item and why is it important to you?

My item is a handmade card that was given to me by a child in my neighbourhood (where I lived with my sponsor) the girl even took the time to hand write a message to me in Ukrainian! It was very touching for me and a pleasant surprise. It made me feel very welcome here.

What makes Harborough special to you?

It’s the first place I came when I arrived in the UK and it has become my second home.

If you could share one memory about Harborough what would it be?

Walking along the canal and seeing the boats for the first time, it was so beautiful.

What is your favourite place in Harborough?

My favourite place is actually a little outside of Market Harborough. I like going to Foxton Locks, sitting on a bench and drinking delicious coffee.