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Street Theatre Project

Meet the Un-Naturalists and travel with them through time, being entertained by their street and story theatre performances. With magic, comedy and drama, they will bring to life both the known and the forgotten social stories of Melton Mowbray!

On June 1st, 2024, there will be a travelling performance starting at Melton Mowbray Library at 11am. The Un-Naturalists will then make their way through the town, telling stories along the way.

Later in the afternoon, at 2pm, there will be a second static performance at Melton Carnegie Museum. For more details including how to book, please visit Eventbrite here. Please note that the FREE tickets will be released on Saturday 18th May and are limited.

We have been working with The Un-Naturalists to research local people and stories so that they can develop a new, bespoke performance for the people of Melton Mowbray. Library and museum staff have been using the fantastic collections and archives to search for subjects that the Un-Naturalists wanted to explore and have found some brilliant information that will be incorporated into the performance.

We have drawn upon our previous projects at Melton Mowbray Library, such as the ‘Melton In Our Time, Through Our Eyes’ photography and local studies project with a group of young people from Maplewell School Post-16. In this project, young people studied old photos of Melton, explored what feelings they inspired, leant how to take a good photo and then put all of the skills they had learnt into practise when taking their own photos of Melton, in their time.

In addition, we also shared projects that we undertook at Melton Carnegie Museum. This included ‘Make Your Mark’, a project that was developed to engage young people with Melton Mowbray and its heritage beyond pork pies and Stilton cheese! The final result was an exhibition at the museum, co-created by young people from Long Field Spencer Academy. Another  project that we have drawn inspiration from is ‘Mapping Melton’, a project where Melton Museum Research volunteers used the archives to paint a picture of what Melton was like at the time that Latham’s stunning 1871 Lordship map was produced. The final exhibition was then viewed by students from Long Field Spencer Academy, who took part in a bespoke workshop to engage them in the exhibition, and who went on to create some of their own additions to the exhibition including a fantastic interactive quiz!

We can’t wait to see you at the performances on the 1st June!