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Wednesday 19th July 2023

The Special Significance of ‘A Tale of Two Reinterments’ exhibition at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre – reflections from guests at the launch

A Celebration of Unity and Heritage

The exhibition at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre stands as a momentous occasion that celebrates unity, cultural integration, and the homogenisation of different communities, particularly the Muslim community, within British history. This unique event showcases the amalgamation of two distinct identities, emphasizing the shared humanity and values that connect us all. The testimonials of various individuals involved in the exhibition shed light on its importance and the profound impact it has on fostering understanding, harmony, and a sense of belonging within British society.

Kevin Feltham, Chair of the County Council and His Eminence Shaykh Siddiqi, from the Hijaz Trust who opened the exhibition.


Promoting Integration and Harmony:

The exhibition marks a significant step towards uniting diverse communities and forging a path of unity, partnership, and cooperation. It serves as a platform to showcase the integration of Islam into the fabric of British heritage. Through the exhibition, visitors have the opportunity to witness first-hand how Muslims have played an integral role in shaping the history of Britain. This inclusivity not only strengthens the bonds between different communities but also encourages a deeper understanding and appreciation of one another’s cultures.

Empowering the Community and Future Generations:

The exhibition holds immense value for community members, particularly the younger generation, who have the chance to explore their own history and identity within the wider context of British society. Countless hours of dedicated work and outreach by volunteers and Culture Leicestershire’s team have resulted in a rich and enlightening experience for visitors. The exhibition not only imparts important history but also fosters a sense of pride, purpose, and understanding among the youth, enabling them to envision a brighter future for themselves and their communities.

Displays in the exhibition


A Catalyst for Unity and Cultural Exchange:

By merging different values and perspectives, the exhibition exemplifies the power of shared humanity and serves as a catalyst for future events and collaborations. It paves the way for exploring new avenues of bringing people together, breaking barriers, and fostering mutual respect and acceptance. The Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre acts as a focal point, providing a platform for these transformative experiences and facilitating a broader global perspective.

Empowering Young Voices:

The involvement of children in the exhibition holds particular significance. Their artwork displayed on the museum walls signifies the representation of their unique perspectives and stories. This inclusion not only brings joy and pride to the young artists but also allows others to gain a deeper understanding of their culture and heritage.

Children at the art and craft workshop

A Lasting Legacy:

The successful partnership between the Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre and the Hijaz Trust exemplifies the commitment to promoting cultural exchange and inclusivity. This collaboration will serve as a learning experience, enriching future projects and ensuring that more communities can share their stories and perspectives. The exhibition’s success will inspire other heritage venues and museums across the county to strive for accessibility, relevance, and the exploration of narratives previously unexplored.

The Future:

The exhibition at Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre is an extraordinary testament to the power of unity, cultural integration, and historical representation. By celebrating the shared heritage of different communities, it fosters a sense of belonging and strengthens the bonds that connect us all. The exhibition’s significance lies not only in its commemoration of the past but also in its potential to shape a more inclusive and harmonious future for generations to come.

His Eminence Shaykh Siddiqi, from the Hijaz Trust and Kevin Feltham, Chair of the County Council cut the ribbon at the launch.


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Guests at the exhibition launch

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